Fiction and Poems

Roxy | Big Muddy 
The Good Life
| Block Club 
Small Atoms  |  Cluster Magazine
When Our Hands Were Joined 
 Everyday Genius
Leverett Beetroot
The Book of Names Beetroot
Notable Quantum Forms 1913
An Approach to Quantum Style  WIPS Journal
Fire Egg SmokeLong Quarterly 35
Substances Commonly Misused The Scrambler 52
On Leave Emprise Review 21
Dallasite  |  Nailed Magazine (nee Smalldoggies)
Elementary Principles of Quantum Usage  Essays & Fictions
Brain Laboratory 4'33"
A Country of Warehouses Vol. 1 Brooklyn
Lake Ontario SPLIT Quarterly 3
Pill Necessary Fiction
Terry and Ann Nanoism 317
A Million Countries Bartleby Snopes
Detonation Day TRNSFR 4
Pig Pen  >kill author 12
Big Daddy Metazen
Echo and His Brother  Route 9
Sea Trout  Wigleaf
Promise to Rome Metazen
i am a natural wonder  I Am A Natural Wonder
Little Lubyanka Prick of the Spindle Vol 4.4
Sharp Shooter  Prick of the Spindle Vol 4.4
The French Revolution Metazen
Zorro The Used Furniture Review
The Stamp Collector The Used Furniture Review
Trumble's Brother  Johnny America 8
Capture This Thing  Hobart Nov 2009
Milton's Bird notnostrums 4
Non-Corporeal Disease  notnostrums 4
Debra Spoke the Language Invisible Ear 4
Good Luck Sailor  |  Invisible Ear 4
War Bride  Invisible Ear 4
Reverse Order  Seeing Other People


On James Tate |  The Operating System
The Uncertainty Principle: Review 
Rain Taxi
Grovey Cleves: Review  |  The Small Press Book Review
Can These Eerie, Abandoned...  |  Fast Company
The Year You Are  |  Block Club
Things American: Buffalo American Short Fiction
The Nickel City... NY Daily News Books Blog
We Braved the Cold...  NY Daily News Books Blog